Azure Cloud

Azure Cloud is the Platform as a service (PaaS) technology engineered to deploy the web and cloud applications that are reliable, scalable, and inexpensive to operate. Build the website and cloud applications that you need to your terms when using lots of languages that we support. Simplify the management of the applications with cloud services will ensure high availability. Scale the environment automatically of the applications with the cloud services and ensure high availability.

There are lots of benefits when opting for the cloud services

The goal of Azure is to offer the organization or the individual access to tools that were once complicated and expensive to implement. For instance, creating the database solution requires intricate knowledge like the ability to create a scalable environment. Here are some notable benefits.

  • ✔ It is a bespoken suite of solutions where you only have to pay for the amount that you use.
  • ✔ It offers leading security and compliance for the protection policy
  • ✔ It comes with lots of accelerators to enable the rapid implementation of the solutions

List of Azure cloud services

There are lots of services, and this list grows high. Their cloud can be split into these major categories.

  • AI and Machine learning : Develop the solutions with the latest Artificial intelligence capabilities
  • Blockchain: Build and manage the blockchain-based application with the suite of integrated tools for multiple purposes
  • Analytics : Gather, process, analyze and Visualize the wide variety of data and manage them
  • Containers : Develop and manage the containerized faster with the built-in tools
  • Compute : Access the cloud compute capacity and scale based on demand
  • Developer tools : It helps build, manage, and continuously deliver cloud applications written in any developer language.

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