Power BI

See your data in a new Light!

The Cloud-based suite of business intelligence tools is Power BI. It can help you to analyze and view the data through compelling visualizations and interactive reports. All your applications and the databases stream into a single dashboard. Here you can easily create, update, organize and also share powerful reports on any device. To give you a competitive advantage, get actionable insights in real-time with the Power BI.

Quest IT Solutions has considerable experience helping clients to enhance their BI and reporting capabilities using the Power BI. We help you to create an integrated data platform that helps extract insights from your data and improve productivity throughout your organization.

Benefits of Power BI services

  • Integrates seamlessly with the existing applications
  • Rich personalized dashboards
  • Publish reports securely
  • No memory and speed constraints
  • No specialized technical support is required
  • Extracting business intelligence rapidly and accurately
  • Balanced simplicity and performance
  • Supports advanced data services
  • Scale across the organization with governance and security built-in

Use case

An industrial services company was spending a long time consolidating data to generate financial reports. Their big issues were accuracy and timeliness. We as a team designed and integrated a data platform using power BI to consolidate the data automatically. Dashboards and reports were designed appropriately to meet the needs of the finance and the field managers. According to their needs, the dashboards and reports were customized with access defined by roles. We were able to improve accuracy and timeliness and better visibility. We also helped improve decision making and productivity is also increased by eliminating the manual data consolidation tasks.

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