Customer intelligence

Customer intelligence: Ticket to success

Customer intelligence is a process that includes collecting and analyzing a large amount of data that organizations use to find the best and the effective ways to interact with their customers. This process can be applied to any industry and this can build deeper and more effective customer relationships and also improves decision-making by vendors. Based on the industries, there may be slight variations in the approach.

Customer intelligence begins with the basic key facts about the customers like their name, gender, location, and more. All this data will then be augmented with the performance data. Transactions, activities like purchase history, or other types of customer interactions come under the performance data. All these data can be collected from several sources that include ERP, marketing statistics from email or ad campaigns, or even the interactions from service contacts over the phone or through email, and more.

The first step might be the biggest challenge which is to bring all the data together in a format that can be analyzed. But once it is done you will learn as you go. By mining the data and placing it in the context with wider information about competitors, industry conditions, general trends, you can obtain information about the customer’s needs, how they reach decisions, predictions made about their future, and more.

The key benefits that customer intelligence brings are:

  • Builds customer loyalty and return business
  • Increases retention by providing relevant information and seamless experiences
  • Offers dynamic customer context through relevant, personalized, and targeted interactions
  • Targets most valuable customers and maximizes ROI

Our approach: Developing customer intelligence solution

Customer intelligence is a great way to understand who your customers are. It creates a business strategy that connects with your target audience. We will help you define your business objectives, design your customer intelligence implementation and also assist you with the transformation into a customer-centric company. If you need any help with our customer intelligence tasks services, reach out to us at any time.

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